Monday, 3 December 2012

A Christmas Wedding

 Whilst working in the Studio this afternoon I was reminded of a wedding last Christmas which I had the pleasure of designing stationery for and I wanted to share photo's of that beautiful day with you.
Alex & Kevin had a simple elegant mistletoe theme with a touch of sparkle and it was lovely to work with such a lovely couple.

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Christmas Inspiration....

This time last year I was in the studio finishing off some beautiful Orders of Service for a Christmas wedding. The Bride & Groom's theme was elegant and crisp with a hand drawn mistletoe motif and a Christmas shade of green.
As the festive holiday draws near I thought I would share some of the inspiration I have seen for creating that perfect Christmas theme.

As long as you stick with a simple style of arrangement you can pull together all the things you love about Christmas and enjoy them on your special day.

Everything that is shown in this post is easy to replicate and shouldn't break the budget. 

First up - twigs. Twigs don't particularly give off any sparkle as they hang sadly with their bald surfaces and lack of foliage but place them in a vase and surround them with fairy lights or candles and the warm glow of the light transforms them into a glorious centrepiece fit for any wedding or event.

Photography by Kristin Spencer Photography

If simplicity and scent is more your style then a cheap and effective way to achieve both is to use candles and cinnamon sticks. Large pillar candles wrapped in cinnamon sticks and tied with string look fabulous and smell wonderful.

 Photography by Deco & Style

At this time of year adults and children alike become enveloped in the enchantment of Christmas, if you want to create your very own Narnia inspired wedding reception start collecting those twigs and branches now. Suspended from the ceiling in a barn, hall or marquee branches and twigs in-twinned with fairy lights bring sparkle and enchantment to any reception. When teamed with candles and flowers on the tables it becomes truly magical.

 Photography by Natasja Kremers

A lovely way to include a little bit of Christmas on your reception tables is to give each guest a sprig of Spruce wrapped in some burlap, which not only looks and smells wonderful but can also be planted and grown into their very own little tree.

My final slice of inspiration for creating your very own Christmas wedding wonderland is the very popular apple. Dipped in sugar and placed on a cake stand or in a large glass vase these scrumptious edible apples double up as a centrepiece and a favour!

 Photography by

I hope you have found this as inspiring as me, as always you can find all these images and links on my Pin Board on Pinterest at